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Making a life you believe in is as simple as paying attention to what’s most important to you, one step at a time. The task then, really, is figuring out the next steps to take. Why not make sure you are aimed toward your dreams?

Taking steps always leads somewhere, and with a “good-enough” plan and some skillful guidance, those steps lead to exciting opportunities. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect; it can’t be. It’s going to change as you go.

Your plan does need to include learning skills, connecting to helpers, and taking action as quickly as possible. Building that good-enough plan and developing the confidence to take the next steps is how you Kick-Start Your Dreams.


What kinds of dreams?

Here are some of the goals we’ve pursued:

  • Raising funds for a music project.
  • Starting a new job with confidence.
  • Inventing a new career.
  • Reinventing life after divorce.
  • Coming to peace with chronic illness.
  • Getting a grip on personal finances.
  • Changing an unhealthy marriage.
  • Restarting a habit of making art.
  • Starting a design business.
  • Building a website.
  • Starting a blog.
  • Getting noticed at work.

You actually live your dream while you move toward it. In fact, that’s all you can do. The dream always changes so why not live it now?

We all need help at some point, and when we’re stuck or facing a big challenge, that’s the best time to reach out. One of the best segments of my longer course, Designing a Balanced Life, is about how to focus on one specific goal. Kick-Start Your Dreams is a 4-week program that offers you the keys to motivation, focusing your attention, and achieving Flow even with the most mundane tasks or overwhelming projects.

Bring a specific goal to this course and you will develop a realistic plan and start practicing the tools you need to dig in and take the next most important steps. You’ll also receive the guidance of a supportive, knowledgable mentor (me!) to help you take on big challenges and face your fears in small increments.


Learn more

This is a long letter to you, written to help you feel confident about taking this course. Even with the big discount I’m offering, for some people it’s a good-sized investment of time and money. I assure you it’s worth it— if you are truly ready to do the work. You will learn a lot about your dreams and how to move into them. You will make progress.

That’s why satisfaction and results are 100% guaranteed.

Read on if you aren’t yet absolutely sure. At any point you skip down to sign up. Just click.

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Here is the outline of the sections below.

  • David’s Story of Reinvention
  • The Programs that Work Best
  • What People are Saying about David and Pilot Fire
  • What You Get From Kick-Start Your Dreams
  • How It Works
  • Is this Course for You?
  • Why the Course Fee Is Such a Deal
  • The 100% Satisfaction and Effectiveness Guarantee
  • Let’s Get Started!


David’s Story of Reinvention

At the turn of the last millenium my life fell apart. Using my training as a professional User Experience Designer, I set to redesigning the experience of my own life, and because I knew my circumstances would change, I developed a system that lets me redesign that experience every week. I wanted to never lose a deep connection with my body, love, and creative work in the beautiful world around me.

I started with the works of great designers and thinkers and spiritual guides and leaned on my training to refine the ones that worked using the design process: Take an idea, find its essence, make it simple, make it usable, and make sure it fits the task, and the task for me was this:

Take care of this precious body.

Learn how to love.

Learn how to tackle hard problems.

Make the world a little more beautiful.

Make more than enough money.

Find Flow every day.

Those are my driving goals, and getting there is working pretty darn well!


The Programs that Work Best

I now teach these methods as the Pilot Fire Attention Management System, and it’s been tested with artists, engineers, high school students, entrepreneurs, professionals, mothers, mechanics, and a mystic or two— even for people who are all of the above.


I’ve taught the system privately for years (see what people are saying below), and as a course at the California College of Arts, and now I’m bringing the lessons online so I can offer them to more people. The methods are fairly simple to explain, but they take guidance and practice to get the habits in place.

Goal is a TargetTo get started, you don’t have to completely reinvent your life; in fact, I suggest you take just one part and learn how to make it much better. Then, take on the rest.


Through these courses you will…

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the roles you play,
  • Connect with the important people in your life who help you be your best,
  • Learn how to set goals that keep you motivated, focused, and often in Flow, and every week, from now on,
  • Give yourself the opportunity to realize you are making a life you believe in.

Let’s Get Started!
Remember: satisfaction and results are 100% guaranteed.


Read what people are saying
about David and the Pilot Fire System.

I’m so darned lucky! What people say about this work makes it so obvious why I do it, and why it’s so necessary. I’m tickled, honored, and awe-inspired to be part of their lives.

“I have been a lifescience professional for the past twenty-five years. I developed a serious, disabling health condition last summer that prevented me from functioning – I could not walk, drive, or work. The worst thing was that I could not be exposed to any infectious disease so I was forced to live like the ‘boy in the bubble’.

“I met David at the nadir of my life. David helped me to ‘design a balanced life’ despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges. He became my muse, helped me to explore my art, spiritual practice and writing, and introduced me to people with similar interests. David has enabled me to recapture my life and build new dreams; I am deeply indebted to him. I highly recommend David to anyone who wants or needs to change their life for the better.”

  • — BG
    Artist, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Survivor

Ann Michels“I wanted to tell you that your seminar has really helped me achieve several goals in my interpretation business. It got me to plan out the steps I needed to take.

“Your seminar is one of the best ones out there! Thank you David, for enhancing the quality of life of your friends and clients, as well giving us the tools to successfully pursue our dreams.”

  • — Ann Michels
    Cultural Broker, Translator, Traveler

“This may sound funny, but working with David’s system I actually discovered parts of myself that I didn’t know I had. Put another way, David helped me unpack the different ‘roles’ I play in my everyday life including the underlying narratives that influence everything from the way I teach English to the how I feel about myself at the end of the day. And, after showing me these facets of my life, David provided a unique set of skills and tools for integrating them back into the whole person, helping me find a greater sense of flow by staying focused on what matters most at any given moment.

“Throughout, David was responsive to all my concerns and insightful enough to quickly design and customize exercises for me that were relevant and productive. Best of all it was really fun.

  • — Craig Medvecky
    Teacher, Writer

Sue Autrand“David knows that life is always changing, … so he gives you tools you can use forever!

  • – Sue Autrand
    Artist, Healer, Subterranean Navigator

Matthew Michaels“Working with a startup company, my wife and I moved several times in a few years and I traveled a lot. Life became a continual business trip. I was pretty good at fulfilling immediate commitments at work but felt very lopsided. I was losing touch with the world outside my work.

“After witnessing the fanfare and even seeing David Allen speak, I decided to try my hand at Getting Things Done, which was helpful but focused mostly on execution. It didn’t help me prioritize. It felt like a PC, with lots of features and capabilities, but no integrated use model, no soul. David Delp’s PilotFire is the Mac to the David Allen PC. It is a simple elegant system that works at a human level, and this helps me get the right things done.

“Thinking more in depth about the roles I play in my life, why those roles are important to me, and what I aspire to be in those roles provides a clear filter for understanding what actions to take. Plus as a teacher, David isn’t afraid to ask hard questions I might rather gloss over.

“I use the Pilot Fire system to focus my day and add a broader range of actions to my week. Even if I miss a day or two, the simplicity of the system makes it easy to pick up and get focused again on purposeful living.”

  • – Matthew Michels
    Entrepreneur, Engineer, Early Adopter


What you get from
Kick-Start Your Dreams

Kick-Start your Dreams, also known as The Game of Goals, is a 4-week program that offers you the keys to motivation, focusing your attention, and achieving Flow even with the most mundane tasks or overwhelming projects.

When you leave this course you will have everything you need to move toward your dream. You’ll even take important first steps. You’ll get …

  • A simple method for turning your biggest desires into a plan you can implement.
  • The checklist that will help you craft any goal so it’s not only doable but pleasurable to do!
  • The key to finding Flow in any given moment.
  • The means to find the fast path to making progress early and often.
  • The support of a skillful, loving, and insightful mentor (that’s me, David Delp).

That’s in 4 private lessons with access to all of the online materials and exercises from the class, forever.

Now is the time!

Pursuing your dreams is a life long process. If you haven’t started, you got stuck, or you gave up, it’s time to Kick-Start Your Dreams. The system I teach was born from my own personal needs, and it grew up over the years as I refined it and taught it to others. It works.

Let’s Get Started!
Remember: satisfaction and results are 100% guaranteed.


How does it work?

When you sign up, I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me get to know you and help us both dig in quickly.

During our first meeting we will review your goal and the course program. I’ll deliver a medium-sized lecture to set the tone of our work together and give you the first big tool to making a good plan. Then we’ll customize your homework for your particular situation. Depending on the size of your goal, you may have quite of bit of work to do. That’s okay, dreams are totally worth it!

If you live in San Francisco area, we can meet in person. Otherwise, we’ll do this through Skype or phone calls which in some ways can be more productive.

Each subsequent meeting will last about an hour. We’ll review the steps you are taking, add skills and tools, and make adjustments to your plan. In between lessons I’m available through email if you have questions or want to run something by me. I’m eager to support you during this process.

By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have taken small and large steps with a realistic plan. You’ll have the experience of trying new methods. Our goal is to develop your confidence, make some good progress and have fun. Living life isn’t just about planning and doing, it’s about enjoying the process!


Is this course for you?

Yes, if:

  • You are ready to discover and pursue your passions.
  • You are ready to change how you make plans and follow through.
  • You are willing to try new things and sometimes fail.
  • You are willing to truly focus on what’s most important to you.
  • You are ready to take action.
  • You want the focused attention of a private mentorship at a big discount.


Why is the Course Fee Such a Deal?

Consider this question:

How much is pursuing you dream worth?

Stepping toward your big goals is no small matter, especially if you are facing your fears or feeling overwhelmed. It’s likely you haven’t made the progress you want because you don’t have a realistic plan and the support of a skillful guide. I’ve done this for my students, and my regular fee for this course is $900. My own dream is to offer this to many more people so I need to move the content online. While I do that and work out the kinks, I’m offering this course at a discount.

Is it worth $350 to take this big important step? I think so. Besides, read about the guarantee below, and you’ll see there is actually no risk.


Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guarantee

I’m very confident this course will make a big positive difference in your life, but before you put your money down, put your mind to rest. Here is a double guarantee. After you’ve taken the course, put a fair amount of effort into the accompanying exercises, and do not feel the course is exactly as described, you get your money back.

And beyond that, if  you don’t also feel more clarity, confidence, and actual progress toward making a life you believe in, you deserve your money back. The bottom line: I don’t want to take your money if your effort + my teaching isn’t effective.

The only request I make is, if your efforts aren’t paying off, let me help you get back on track. If after that, you are still either unsatisfied or not experiencing the positive effects, you keep everything you’ve learned, all the materials you may have downloaded, your money back, and my gratitude that we both tried.


Let’s Get Started!

Consider what it means to make serious progress on your dreams. This private four-week course is regularly $900. I won’t kid you that it’s easy. Real change requires energy, skill, and perseverance, and I’ll be there to support you. I hope you agree it’s well worth the investment.

Kick-Start Your Dreams.

Reg $900

Do it!
Remember: satisfaction and results are 100% guaranteed.

I’m offering discounts now because I’m building the online system so you can review the lessons from wherever you may be. Once everything is online and tested, the price goes up!!

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